Summary of All WBRC Decisions

Summary of Decisions as of the Fall Meeting 2023

These files provide summary information on all the reports voted on by the Washington Bird Records Committee (WBRC). We have divided the reports into groups depending on the outcome of the votes: Accepted, Not Accepted, or Tabled (consideration has begun, but a final decision has not yet been made). The files are presented in PDF format for cleaner printing, and as Excel sheets for anyone interested in sorting or customizing the information.

In all cases, the details provided in the formal published reports of the WBRC in Washington Birds(#s 1-8) and Western Birds (#9-12), are more authoritative than this summary. In addition, more information can often be found in those published reports. Our hope is that this presentation will provide quick summary access to all the reports, much like an index. Previous WBRC published reports can be found here.

While we attempted to avoid any mistakes, inevitably we know that errors will sneak in to this summary. We appreciate any corrections, suggestions, and questions and will rely on public input for help improving future versions of this summary. Please email such responses to the Committee.

Summary and Voting Results:

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