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WOS has an online presence beyond this website, featuring social media, video presentations from our monthly meetings, archives of a Washington state birding listserve, and a free online version of a 613-page birding site guide for Washington State.

WOS Monthly Meeting Presentations on YouTube

During the COVID pandemic, WOS has conducted all of its monthly meetings online only. The WOS board has opened these online meetings to the general public.

In response to many inquiries as to whether the talks could be seen online afterwards, the WOS board decided to begin recording and posting them online when possible.

You can see the available recordings at:
WOS’s YouTube Channel

More information about WOS’s monthly meetings is available at WOS’s
Monthly Meetings Page:

WOS on Facebook

For a number of years, WOS has posted birding pictures, comments, news and other content at this Washington Birding Facebook page managed by Wilson Cady:
WOS Facebook Birding page

However, WOS Board Member Jason Fidorra now has added a new Facebook Groups page, where people can discuss bird identification, biology, population status, and birding sites relevant to Washington State. The Groups format allows for more interaction and participation among members in hopes of engaging a broader public with birds and birding topics in Washington. Join the conversation at:
WOS’s Facebook Groups page

WOS on Twitter

WOS Board Member Ed Pullen currently publishes birding- and WOS-related tidbits on Twitter. Follow WOS on Twitter at:

A Birder’s Guide to Washington, Second Edition

This 613-page site guide for Washington State was published by the American Birding Association in 2015. WOS placed it online so that birders could post comments about the various birding sites and help keep the guide current.
You can find the guide at:

Archives for the Tweeters Listserv 1994 – 2020

Tweeters is an email listserv with more than 3,000 subscribers on the topic of birds and birding in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. The email group began small in 1994 and has grown ever since.

The University of Washington now stores only the most recent two years of Tweeters messages. At the request of Tweeters managers, WOS agreed to create and pay for storing and making accessible the complete Tweeters archive through the most recent complete year. Currently, the archive stores tens of thousands emails from 1994 through 2020, which can be searched or browsed.

The Tweeters archive is consulted regularly not just by birders but also by land-use planners, biologists for various agencies and organizations, educators, journalists, and conservationists.

Search or browse WOS’s Tweeters Archives 1994 through December 2020 at:

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