2021 Washington State Christmas Bird Count Information.

Thanks go to Jim Danzenbaker for compiling Christmas Bird Count information statewide the last five years. If your Audubon chapter’s Christmas Bird Count is not listed here or needs to be edited, please send the information to the WOS webmaster webmaster@wos.org and the information will be added or corrected.

For an article on “History of the Christmas Bird Count: How the count started and how the data is used today” go to https://www.audubon.org/conservation/history-christmas-bird-count

NOTE: Due to the current challenging COVID climate, all CBC information listed below are subject to last minute changes. Make sure that you stay in contact with your CBC organizers. It is assumed that all CBCs will adhere to CDC and Washington State health regulations.

Tuesday, December 14th

Bridgeport CBC

For the 26th Anniversary of our CBC we will meet at McDonalds in Brewster
at 07:00 to pick up maps and paperwork (or papers will be mailed to you
beforehand). COVID prevention measures will be encouraged, especially for
those with health issues or those not vaccinated. These include:

Wear masks all day when with non-household members.
Avoid carpooling unless necessary or with household members.
Try to maintain 6-foot social distancing when with non-household members.

A final meeting location has not been decided yet, but if we do not meet
you can e-mail final lists with data to Michael Schroeder
(Michael.schroeder@dfw.wa.gov) or drop off at 1530 Douglas Ave.,
Bridgeport, WA.

Michael will e-mail a final summary to all participants.

Contact Meredith Spencer at 509-686-7551 or merdave@homenetnw.net for
additional information.

Leavenworth CBC

The 21st annual Christmas Bird Count for Leavenworth will take place on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. Only local return birders for the Leavenworth CBC will participate rather than trying to add additional birders to our current routes. This is especially prudent given the ongoing pandemic and restrictions in the state. Route leaders will bird with people in their immediate orbit. Hopefully next season we can bring in some more people for the Leavenworth CBC experience.

Contact Joe Veverka to participate: joe_veverka@yahoo.com or call (509) 306-3800.

Saturday, December 18th

Admiralty Audubon CBC

The count is an all-day event open to anyone wishing to participate. Usually an excellent opportunity for novice birders to join with seasoned veterans and learn more about identifying and finding the local birds, this year’s Christmas Bird Count is a little bit different due to the continuing (!) pandemic.

We will be limiting groups to five households, and carpooling will not occur. Half-day participants and home feeder watchers are also welcome. We would like to particularly encourage anyone with feeders in the count circle who can spare at least one hour to watch their yard to participate. Winter feeder watching can be quite rewarding as birds try to expend the least amount of energy to get the greatest amount of food.

The Admiralty Audubon count circle is a 7.5- mile radius centered near Indian Island ship dock and is divided into 14 sections, with a team of three to five individuals assigned to each section. Team leaders for each section will make arrangements with the rest of their group for a meeting place and time (usually between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.) the morning of the count.

Participants should bring cold and wet-weather gear, binoculars, a scope if you have one, lunch and snacks for the day. A notepad and pencil or electronic recording devices, field guides, camera and a thermos with something hot are always good ideas as well. Don’t forget your masks in case the trails get so constricted as to affect our intended social distancing. Not everyone may share your comfort level with proximity. Route leaders may or may not require vaccination proof for inclusion on their route within the circle.

Another Covid-related change is that there will unfortunately again be no countdown potluck after the count. For more information contact Monica Fletcher at 360-379-3136 or monicaflet@gmail.com.

Camas Prairie-Trout Lake CBC

This year our count will be on Saturday, December 18. It is open to experienced birders and other interested folks accompanying an experienced birder.

For those interested, please contact coordinator Jim White at 509-961-2775 (home phone, 509-395-2585) or email him at jwhite.mars@gmail.com

East Snoqualmie Valley CBC

Only “household” carpooling. Leaders are Paula Crockett and Maureen Sunn. Contact Paula Crockett (binary_star85@yahoo.com) for details.

Colville CBC

The Colville CBC will take place December 18, 2021. The meeting place and time TBD. Contact is Barbara Harding at stellerijay@hotmail.com.

Eastside Audubon CBC

Contact: Andy McCormick at andy_mcc@hotmail.com.

Eastside Audubon’s CBC is being limited to route leaders and a few helpers this year due to Covid-19. We are not recruiting widely but could use a few more volunteers. Please contact Andy at the email address above for information. We are also recruiting feeder watchers who live within the EAS CBC Count Circle. Check the following website: https://www.eastsideaudubon.org/christmas-bird-count/ where you can register for feeder watching and the post-count Zoom celebration meeting.

Edmonds / South Snohomish County CBC

The Edmonds CBC will be conducted in accordance with local health regulations on December 18. It is centered near Martha Lake in Lynnwood and has 13 areas located in northern King, southern Snohomish and southeastern Island Counties. Those wishing to join a field team should contact the compiler via email to coordinate an area assignment. Birders wishing to conduct feeder/yard counts also need to contact the compiler to determine their location within the CBC circle and to receive directions. We have openings for people to count the large movement of American Crows to their roost site in the late afternoon. We need a couple of people including someone with a long-lens camera to join our boat team that surveys the portion of the Salish Sea that is within our circle. Finally, we have openings for a couple of teams to survey owls. More information is available at https://www.pilchuckaudubon.org/christmas-bird-count
Compiler: Rick Taylor, cbc.waed@pilchuckaudubon.org 425-214-2764

Ellensburg CBC

Please contact Gloria Baldi, (509) 833-0601 or email gloriabaldi55@gmail.com . Compiler is Phil Mattocks. COVID guidelines will be followed.

Kitsap Audubon CBC

For information, contact the compiler, Janine Schutt, at jeschutt@hotmail.com or call 360-830-4446. (Email preferred.)

Due to COVID-19, National Audubon Society is recommending that we adhere to social distancing guidelines. This is the plan agreed upon by Kitsap Audubon Society’s Board of Directors:

  • No gatherings of participants before or after the count.
  • Social distancing and masks are required at all times.
  • No carpooling with anyone outside your household.
  • No sharing of optics.
  • Comply with all current state and county COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Participate only if you feel safe doing so.

We welcome new participants.

Areas may be split up for groups/individuals to be assigned specific locations by the area leader.

Anyone who lives within the count circle may submit a checklist from their own yard.

This information will also be in the December 2021 Kitsap Kingfisher newsletter: http://www.kitsapaudubon.org/newsletter/

Moscow-Pullman CBC

The 51st consecutive (and 68th overall) Moscow-Pullman Christmas Bird Count will be on Saturday, December 18.

Birders interested in counting birds at their feeders or spending the day on a field crew should contact the local coordinators in advance of the count. Birders interested in participating on the Idaho side should contact Kas Dumroese at kas.birder@gmail.com

Birders interested in participating on the Washington side should contact Marie Dymkoski  at Marie-Dymkoski@msn.com

COVID guidelines will be followed.

Oak Harbor CBC

Contact Jay Adams at protectionisland8.9@gmail.com

San Juan Islands Archipelago CBC

Contact Barbara Jensen at skylark@rockisland.com

Tahoma Audubon CBC

Details at http://www.tahomaaudubon.org/CBC We have diverse habitats — saltwater, lakes, urban, rural, and prairie.

Contact Faye McAdams Hands at 253-278-3712 or zest4parus@hotmail.com. Due to COVID-19, we are asking only vaccinated people to participate. Carpools can be arranged at your own comfort level.

Toppenish CBC

Contact organizer Eric Heisey at heiseyew@gmail.com

This year’s Toppenish CBC will again be a bit different than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this year we will again be unable to have our fantastic pre-count breakfast or post-count dinners. However, this year we have a few route leaders who are willing to have any vaccinated volunteers join them for their routes. While not all route leaders are comfortable with this, please contact me if you have any interest in helping with the count this year and I will pair you with one of the leaders who would like company.

If you would like to participate in the count but don’t want to go with a route leader due to COVID concerns, there are a couple of different ways you can still help out! If you live in the count circle, doing a feeder watch at your residence would help a lot while not requiring you to leave the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, if you are interested in covering a small area there are always a couple of locations that route leaders don’t have the time to cover well. If this interests you, contact me and I’ll try and figure out an area for you to cover!

If you would like to join us on December 18th, be aware that this will be a full-day birding event. Plan to meet your route leader around 7:30am and to be out until dark (around 4:30pm). Come prepared for the cold, bring a lunch, and be ready to see a bunch of birds! This is one of my favorite birding events of the year, and I hope that you will still join us for the count despite the pandemic.

Tri-Cities CBC

Due to the virus we will not be meeting at 7:30 a.m. to take volunteers. We plan to conduct the count using only family members or friends that have been birding together since the virus hit. We will be using strict COVID-19 protocols. If a family or friends want to volunteer to count, please contact me (Dana Ward) at 509-545-0627 by December 1, 2021.

Walla Walla CBC

We are holding our CBC, but there will be no carpooling. There will only be a core group doing their own areas with no get-togethers afterward. All compilation will be online. Contact is MerryLynn Denny.

Sunday, December 19th

Bellingham CBC

Contact Doug Brown at (360) 647-1657 or e-mail him at bblackcat@comcast.net

This Citizen Science project is built on volunteers. Our count circle is partitioned into 25 areas, with a team leader directing the count in each area.

More information about our count can be found on this CBC page at our website

Cheney CBC

Contact Sandy Schreven – compiler (509)599-9061 sschreven@hotmail.com

Lyle CBC

We typically have over 100 different species. Sometimes we have the most Lewis’s Woodpeckers anywhere in the universe, and we are regularly the only count in Washington with Acorn Woodpeckers. Our 15 mile diameter count circle straddles the Columbia River between Mosier and The Dalles.

We organize about 10 sectors prior to the count, and each sector operates independently on count day.

Contact John Bishop at bishopjg@icloud.com or at 360 546-9612

Olympia CBC

According to Audubon CBC the first reported count for this area is 1908. The count has been conducted pretty much every year since 1978. In recent years we have had from 70 to over 100 participants counting, and average around 126 species/year.

For those interested in participating, contact count coordinator Bill Shelmerdine at georn1@hotmail.com

Seattle CBC

Seattle Audubon will hold a Christmas Bird Count (both Field Count and Feeder Watch) on Sunday, December 19. Anyone within the Seattle CBC circle is encouraged to participate. All field count participants will be required to be masked wherever/whenever 6ft of distance cannot be maintained, and carpooling is only permitted for participants who are masked, fully vaccinated, and within social or familiar groups. The post-count gathering will be a virtual event with trivia and sharing of preliminary results.

Register for the Seattle CBC at https://seattleaudubon.org

Monday, December 20th

Chelan CBC

Due to COVID, we will conduct our CBC just as in last year’s count:
Participants will not collect together at the beginning of the count
day, neither will we meet at the end of the count day. Participants,
unless in a family or closed social group, should travel alone.

If you wish to participate, by December 15 please contact compiler Steve
Easley either by email (seasley@nwi.net) or by phone (509-682-2318). By
December 18, I will respond by describing which area will be
assigned to you.

Please submit to me your count results, preferably by December 24. Your
data should include time and miles driven or walked. If you prefer to
mail in your data, my address is: 425 S 1st St, Chelan WA 98816.

As soon as I have completed compiling the results, I will send it to

each participant. Thanks for helping with the count!

Cle Elum CBC

Due to the unique nature of this count (high elevation, snow, and general lack of roads), no additional volunteers are needed.

Contact Michael Hobbs at 425-301-1032 or at birdmarymoor@gmail.com

Sequim-Dungeness CBC

Contact Bob Boekelheide at bboek@olympus.net or 360-808-0196

Wednesday, December 22nd

Lewis County CBC

There will not be a morning meeting place. Participants are asked to sign up at least two days in advance so as to confirm their “spots.”

I am glad to welcome any and all who wish to participate in the 5th running of this new CBC! Last we had a phenomenal year even during COVID and recorded a record 104 species on count day!

Participants will be asked to comply with Washington State COVID guidelines. There will be no mandatory carpooling and groups will be asked to social distance and maintain appropriate coronavirus precautions. We will be focusing on breaking sections into smaller areas for individuals and groups to have as little contact as possible with each other. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, there will not be a compilation dinner in the evening.

As always birders of all ages and stages are more than welcome to contact me and feeder watchers are also greatly appreciated to help make the data as well rounded as possible! Lewis County is a beautiful place to bird in the winter time and there is often a great number of birds seen every year and that is all help to wonderful birders who help volunteer their time.

Contact Dalton Spencer at offthehookflyshop@yahoo.com or phone at 360-520-7890.

Sunday, December 26th

Columbia Hills/Klickitat Valley CBC

Contact: Samuel Holman at sam4cb@embarqmail.com

Padilla Bay CBC

Organized by Skagit Audubon Society, the Padilla Bay count will be held this year, as last, following Covid-safe measures. There will be no carpooling with people not in a participant’s household, 6-foot social distancing guidelines will be followed, and when that is not possible, masks will be worn. Consistent with Skagit Audubon field trip requirements, all participants must have been vaccinated for Covid. There will be no gathering at the end of the day, though there may be a virtual gathering via Zoom.

Contact is Tim Manns at 360/333-8985 or conservation@skagitaudubon.org.

Monday, December 27th

Chewelah CBC

Mike Munts at michael_munts@fws.gov is the compiler.
Due to concerns with COVID 19, we will not be gathering before or after. I will email forms and maps. Counters will email count info. I will email final tally to all participants after the count.

Tuesday, December 28th

Wahkiakum County CBC

Contact Andrew Emlen 360-795-8009

Thursday, December 30th

Satsop CBC

The Satsop CBC has not been run in 10+ years and thus I felt it necessary to revive it. The count is centered in the Satsop area of Grays Harbor county which is renowned for its large flocks of wintering waterfowl and has a well-defined track record of having amazing birds. I am looking for birds of all skill levels to help get this count back on its feet and hopefully find some great birds along the way.

Contact Dalton Spencer at offthehookflyshop@yahoo.com or phone at 360-520-7890.

Wenatchee CBC

Please contact Dan Stephens at dstephens@wvc.edu or 509-679-4706 to participate in the 50th Wentachee CBC.

Saturday, January 1st

Cowlitz – Columbia CBC

Our count will be a part of the Annual Christmas Bird Count. Our count circle covers a 15-mile diameter circle that is centered just south of Rainier, OR. This year we will continue with the COVID guidelines. We will have 9 regulars that will go out individually or with a family member. We will not have any groups traveling around together and restrictions don’t allow for a compilation dinner.

The contact is Bob Reistroffer 360-751-5595 or breistrof@aol.com.

Everett-Marysville CBC

Organized by Pilchuck Audubon Society. For more information, visit the following page: https://www.pilchuckaudubon.org/christmas-bird-count

Grays Harbor CBC

From approximately 8 a.m. to dusk. We have some really great birding areas, from Ocean Shores around the circle to Westport. Included are the jetties, the Oyhut Wildlife Area, the Grays Harbor NWR, John’s River Wildlife Area, and Bottle Beach SP…some fine birding.

We need to wear masks and maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Contact Dianna Moore at 360-590-1395 osdlm1945@gmail.com for more information.

Skagit Bay CBC

It’s the 34th anniversary of the Skagit Bay CBC. In an effort to minimize risk to participants, the Skagit Bay CBC will not be soliciting volunteers. Leaders and their previously selected small teams will run the section surveys.
Social distancing is mandated when in the field; when appropriate distance is not practical, masks are to be worn.
No carpooling with anyone outside your pod and no sharing of optics.

There will not be a post-survey potluck as in past years. Data, in electronic format, will be emailed to Scott Ramos (lsr@ramoslink.info) after the survey is completed.

Sunday, January 2nd

Kent-Auburn Valley (by Rainier Audubon Society) CBC

Due to the pandemic, our leaders will not be taking field participants in this year. People can participate doing a backyard survey. The backyard surveys will be posted on our website and can be submitted to Calen Randall atcalenbirds@hotmail.com

We will have an online Zoom Tally Celebration later in the day from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

We are looking for 2-3 area leaders to help with the survey. Contact Cindy Flanagan at cindy.flanagan@rainieraudubon.org if you are interested in leading a survey area.

Contact: Cindy Flanagan (CBC Coordinator) at camcalcin@hotmail.com

Okanogan/Omak CBC

We will do our Okanogan CBC on Sunday January 2, 2022. Meet in the parking lot at the IGA in Okanogan by 7:30 a.m. We will be taking separate vehicles and following other social distancing protocols. Contact Heather 509-429-8167 (heather@eaglesun.net) or Julia O’Connor 509-429-9315 for more information.

Port Angeles CBC

Contact: Barbara Blackie at blackieb@olypen.com or 360-477-8028 COVID guidelines will be followed.

Port Gamble (North Kitsap) CBC

For information, contact the compiler, Jennifer Standish, at magma1306@gmail.com; or call 206-293-9320

Due to COVID-19, National Audubon Society is requiring that we adhere to specific social distancing guidelines. This is the plan agreed upon by Kitsap Audubon Society’s Board of Directors, which includes the NAS requirements:

  • No gatherings of participants before or after the count. Social distancing and masks are required at all times.
  • No carpooling with anyone outside your household.
  • No sharing of optics.
  • Comply with all current state and county COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Participate only if you feel safe doing so.

Areas will be split up for groups/individuals to be assigned specific locations by the area leader. We welcome new volunteers. We encourage anyone who lives within one of the circles to participate by submitting a checklist from their own yard.

This information will also be in the December 2021 Kitsap Kingfisher newsletter: http://www.kitsapaudubon.org/newsletter/

Sauvie Island and Ridgefield CBC

Compiler: Susan Setterberg smsetterberg@yahoo.com 360-980-0884

The ORSI circle covers areas on both sides of the Columbia River including Sauvie Island and a bit more on the Oregon side and Vancouver Lake Bottoms, Ridgefield NWR and up to the Lewis River, mostly west of I-5, on the Washington side. Our count is planned for Sunday, January 2, 2022. There is no backup date this year. We will follow CDC, Washington and Oregon Covid 19 guidance. As we did last year, we can rearrange and split territories to make sure everyone can participate safely under Covid rules. Feeder watchers very welcome. Call or email Susan if you would like to participate: smsetterberg@yahoo.com  or 360-980-0884

Spokane CBC

Alan McCoy – compiler (509) 999-9512 ahm2352@gmail.com. We will follow appropriate CDC and Audubon COVID-19 guidelines.

Twisp CBC

All of the routes will be covered by locals and their “pod” members which will reduce the number of participants. If you want to participate in the count, you can email Craig Olson at craig96a@gmail.com.

Vashon CBC

Contact Ezra Parker at ezra@cfgrok.com or 206-463-0383 for more information
This count will be held on Sunday, January 2, 2022. Given the COVID situation, we won’t be able to accommodate new field participants this year. If you happen to reside within the count circle, however, you are welcome to participate as a feeder watcher/yard counter.

Yakima Valley CBC

The Yakima Audubon board has changed the protocols for the two CBCs we do. Things will be a bit different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to social distancing concerns, we will unfortunately be unable to host our usual pre-count breakfast and post-count dinner. However, a limited number of birders are welcome to join the Toppenish CBC this year and will be teamed with a route leader. (See the separate listing for the Toppenish CBC.) Masks will be required as well as driving your own vehicle and maintaining social distance. If you are willing to adhere to these protocols, please contact Denny Granstrand at dgranstrand@gmail.com to be assigned a route.

It can be cold, so be sure to bring plenty of layers! Make sure to also bring lunch; a hot beverage is always nice too. The count is always a ton of fun, as we typically see a lot of birds and spend the day in some great birding areas.

No 2021 information as yet

  • San Juan Ferry CBC

Cancelled for 2021

  • Neah Bay

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