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The Washington Ornithological Society publishes a scholarly periodic journal, Washington Birds, sent upon publication to all WOS members. The purpose of Washington Birds is to publish information on birds of Washington state and the Pacific Northwest.

While the focus of the journal is birds of Washington state, papers of general interest independent of geographic region will also be considered. Subject matter may include, but is not limited to: geographic and ecological distribution; seasonal status and migration; breeding biology and general natural history, conservation, identification, faunal lists, site guides, field techniques, and reports on current research. Potential contributors of articles or photos should contact the editor by email at wabirds@wos.org or to:
The Editor
Washington Birds
12345 Lake City Way NE, #215 Seattle, WA 98125

For more information about Washington Birds, contact the editor by email at wabirds@wos.org

November 2018 Washington Birds Volume Published

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The latest issue of Washington Birds, Volume 12, published in November 2018, is now available. (Click on the cover image.)

Volume 12 of Washington Birds packs a lot of information about birds and birding in Washington State in 167 pages. Three general interest articles lead, followed by 18 species accounts of bird species new to the Washington State list since 2005, when the latest Birds of Washington State by Wahl et al. came out. The journal concludes with two Washington Bird Records Committee (WBRC) reports (previously printed in Western Birds) to complete the run of WBRC publications in WOS’ journal. Nearly all the articles feature authors who are WOS members and come from every corner of the State.

WOS published Volume 1 in 1989 and an additional five volumes in its first decade. Four volumes came out in the second decade and one in the third. In this 30th anniversary year of WOS, the board hopes Volume 12 will represent the return to an almost biennial schedule for publication.

For cost reasons, the journal is now available free only online. If enough persons express interest in a hard copy, a short run will be printed and sold at a price to be determined depending on the number ordered. Email the editor at wabirds@wos.org if you wish to purchase a hard copy of the journal.

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Volume 12 – 2018 Journal   Editor Ed Swan

Volume 11 – 2011 Journal   Editor Joseph Buchanan

Volume 10 – 2008 Journal    Editor Joseph Buchanan

Volume 9 – 2006 Journal    Editor Joseph Buchanan

*Note: Please look for the Table of Contents for the following volumes at the end of the respective .pdfs

Volume 8 – 2002 Journal    Editors: Joseph Buchanan and Michael Donahue

Volume 7 – 2000 Journal    Editors: Hal Opperman and Eugene Hunn

Volume 6 – 1997 Journal    Editor: Hal Opperman

Volume 5 – 1996 Journal    Editor: Hal Opperman

Volume 4 – 1995 Journal    Editor: Hal Opperman

Volume 3 – 1994 Journal    Editor: Hal Opperman

Volume 2 – 1992 Journal    Editor: Dennis Paulson

Volume 1 – 1989 Journal    Editor: Dennis Paulson

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