WBRC Membership Application

WBRC Membership Application

The Washington Bird Records Committee is charged with reviewing and collecting documentation of rare bird sightings from Washington State, in service to the birding community of the state, along with the general birding and scientific community. In order to fulfill this mission, these are the characteristics the Committee will look for in its members:

• Knowledge – Committee members should have knowledge of the birds of Washington State and a solid understanding of molt stages and how molt affects appearance. In addition, members should have familiarity with the avifauna of one or more of the regions likely to contribute rare birds to Washington. Special knowledge about certain species groups (pelagic species, Asian or east coast strays, etc.) is especially valued.
• Research – Committee members will be able or willing to research the available literature and museum collections as appropriate to adequately investigate reports
• Communication – Prompt communication is vital to the workings of the Committee. Input from the members of the Committee should be timely and dependable.
• Collaboration – Committee members should be able to work together in a professional, collegial manner. They should listen to and consider the opinions of others, even when they disagree.
• Independence – Committee members are expected to contribute their opinions and speak openly, even when others on the Committee do not agree. Each member is expected to contribute to the decision making process, and not consistently defer to the opinions of others.
• Participation – Committee members should have demonstrated their presence in the birding community of the state, through submission of records to eBird, seasonal surveys or similar citizen science efforts.