Birds of the World

Birds of the World logo

WOS is pleased to offer to WOS members free access to Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s authoritative Birds of the World. This subscription normally costs $49/year.

Birds of the World offers:

  • 10,721 species accounts
  • Range maps
  • Photos, videos, sounds
  • Scholarly life history details
  • Phenology graphics
  • Updates by leading ornithologists

WOS members who would like to sign up for free access can do so four times a year. If you wish to sign up, please email Bob Schmidt at You will be supplied with a Birds of the World password after you sign up.

WOS members must not share their Birds of the World access with anyone else. Only WOS members who have signed up may take advantage of this benefit.

If you are a current WOS member and have signed up, go to this Sign-In page and click on “Other Organizations and select Washington Ornithological Society from the drop-down list.” Then enter your email address and the password you are provided by WOS.

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