Fall 2022

WBRC Fall 2022 Meeting Results

Saturday, 22 October 2022, the Washington Bird Records Committee met for its fall meeting.

Here is a summary of our results:

  • 24 reports were accepted as valid new records.
  • 1 additional record was accepted as continuing sighting of a record previously accepted at an earlier meeting.
  • 13 reports were not accepted.
  • 1 report was left as unreviewable.

No species were added to the official Washington state list. The list remains at 522 species, including 510 species fully accredited (supported by specimen, photograph, or recording) and 12 species which are sight-only records (supported only by written documentation).

Votes in parentheses (# accepted – # not accepted – # abstain)
[Notations: p=photo, v = video, a = audio, s = sketch]


COHU-2003-2, Costa’s Hummingbird – 5 May 2003, 131 Magee Rd., Quilcene, Jefferson County. Dan Waggoner [w, p] (7-0-0).

UPSA-2022-1, Upland Sandpiper – 21 August 2022, Waterville Plateau, Douglas County. Liam Hutcheson [w, p] (7-0-0).

WRSA-2022-1, White-rumped Sandpiper – 18 June 2022, Soap Lake, Grant County. Matthew Yawney [w, p] (7-0-0).

TBMU-2022-1, Thick-billed Murre – 23 April 2022, 46.9942904, -124.950943, Westport Pelagic, Grays Harbor County. Bill Tweit [w], Jack Maynard [p], Jordan Roderick [p], David True [p], Teri Zambon True [p] (7-0-0).

BHGU-2022-1, Black-headed Gull – 2-10 April 2022, Saltwater SP and Dumas Bay Nature Preserve, King County. Greg Harrington [p], Liam Hutcheson [p], Jason Vassallo [p] (7-0-0).

LETE-2022-1, Least Tern – 4-5 July 2022, Casey Pond, McNary NWR, Walla Walla County. Mike & Merry Lynn Denny [w, p], Victor Hubbard [w, p], Bill & Nancy LaFramboise [w, p] (7-0-0).

HAPE-2022-1, Hawaiian Petrel – 21 August 2022, Off-shore, 46.9942904, -124.950943, about 33 nm west of Ocean City, Grays Harbor County. Cindy McCormack [w], G. Scott Mills [w], Kirk Zufelt [w, p] (7-0-0).

NABO/MABO-2022-1, Nazca/Masked Booby – 20 July 2022, Discovery Park, Seattle, King County. Raphael Fennimore [w, p, v], Eric Hope [w], Alex Meilleur [w, p] (NABO/MABO 7-0-0). Note: While the WBRC believed that this was likely a Nazca Booby, the evidence was not sufficient to identify beyond the species pair. Note: The WBRC voted that all three reports (NABO/MABO-2022-1, NABO-2022-2, NABO-2022-3) were best treated as separate individuals.

NABO-2022-2, Nazca Booby – 17 August 2022, Discovery Park, Carkeek Park, Golden Gardens Park, Kava Kayu Park King County, Kitsap Waters, Kitsap County, Edmonds Waterfront, Jefferson Head, Snohomish County, Libbey Beach, Island County. Blair Bernson [w], Alex Meilleur [w, p], Ryan Merrill [w], John Puschock [w], Carol Riddell [w], Brad Waggoner [w], Laura Brou [p] (NABO 7-0-0). Note: The WBRC voted that all three reports (NABO/MABO-2022-1, NABO-2022-2, NABO-2022-3) were best treated as separate individuals.

NABO-2022-3, Nazca Booby – 1 September 2022, Discovery Park, Carkeek Seattle, Three Tree Point, Burien, King County and Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County. Sam Fason [w], Ryan J Merrill [w, p], Brad Waggoner [w], Eric Hope fide Sam Fason [p] (NABO= 6, NABO/MABO = 1). Note: The WBRC voted that all three reports (NABO/MABO-2022-1, NABO-2022-2, NABO-2022-3) were best treated as separate individuals.

SNEG-2022-1, Snowy Egret – 15-22 May 2022, Millet Pond, McNary NWR, Walla Walla County. Philip Bartley [w, p], Elke Davis [w, p], Mike & MerryLynn Denny [w, p], Victor Hubbard [w, p], Bill & Nancy LaFramboise [w, p], Bruce Toews [w, p] (7-0-0). Note: The WBRC voted that the two reports (SNEG-2022-1 & 2022-2) were best treated as separate individuals.

SNEG-2022-2, Snowy Egret – 1-6 June 2022, Swallows Park & W. Evans Rd. Pond, Clarkston, Asotin County. Keith Carlson [w, p], Catherine Temple [w, p] (7-0-0). Note: The WBRC voted that the two reports (SNEG-2022-1 & 2022-2) were best treated as separate individuals.

WTKI-2022-1, White-tailed Kite – 30 April – 17 May 2022, Tsoo-Yess Beach, Neah Bay, Clallam County. Liam Hutcheson [w, p], Jason Vassallo [w] (7-0-0).

YBSA-2022-1, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – 12 June 2022, Omak Creek, 48.4208, -119.1367, Okanogan County. Charlie Wright [w], Linnaea Wright [w] (7-0-0).

EAPH-2022-1, Eastern Phoebe – 2-18 June 2022, Calispell Lake, Pend Oreille County. Maxine Reid [w, p, a], Matt Bartels [p, a], Becky Kent [p], Russ Koppendrayer [p, a] (7-0-0).

PHVI-2022-1, Philadelphia Vireo – 6 September 2022, Steptoe Butte, Whitman County. Russ Morgan [w, p] (7-0-0).

WHWA-2022-1, White Wagtail – 25 September 2022, Tyson Blood Ponds, Walla Walla County. Christopher Lindsey [w, p] (7-0-0). Note: The WBRC voted the subspecies identification was inconclusive (ocularis = 2, inconclusive = 5).

GTGR-2022-1, Great-tailed Grackle – 1-19 June 2022, Steigerwald NWR, Washougal, Clark County. Cindy McCormack [w], Luke Hanes [w, p], Randy Hill [w, p], Jared Strawderman [w, p] (7-0-0). Two birds.

OVEN-2022-1, Ovenbird – 15 June 2022, Jack’s and River Run Trail, Mazama, Okanogan County. DJ Jones [w, a] (7-0-0).

MAWA-2022-1, Magnolia Warbler – 9 September 2022, Bassett Park, Washtucna, Adams County. Phil Bartley [w, p], Victor Hubbard [w, p], Christopher Lindsey [w, p] (7-0-0).

MAWA-2022-2, Magnolia Warbler – 11 September 2022, Jetty Road, Neah Bay, Clallam County. Eric Heisey [w, p], Liam Hutcheson [w, p], Ryan J Merrill [w, p] (7-0-0).

BLPW-2022-1, Blackpoll Warbler – 27 August 2022, Steptoe Butte, Whitman County. Ben Meredyk [w], RJ Baltierra [p], Mason Maron [p] (7-0-0).

BLPW-2022-2, Blackpoll Warbler – 9-12 September 2022, Bassett Park, Washtucna, Adams County. Phil Bartley [w, p], Kathy Criddle [w, p], Victor Hubbard [w, p], Bill & Nancy LaFramboise [w, p], Christopher Lindsey [w, p], Brian Pendleton & Darshelle Worley [w, p], Maxine Reid [w], John Bishop [p] (7-0-0).

BLGR-2022-1, Blue Grosbeak – 19 June 2022, Marymoor Park, Redmond, King County. Shamik Ghosh [w, p], Charlotte Byers [w, p], Andy DeBroux [p], Jordan Gunn [p], Jennifer Hansen [p], Carl Haynie [p], Liam Hutcheson [p], Jordan Roderick [p], Doug Schurman [p] (7-0-0).


The WBRC agreed the 2022 sighting of a Costa’s Hummingbird in Ellensburg, Kittitas County is best treated as a returning instance of COHU-2021-1, the individual found at the same location in 2021. The two records are merged and treated as COHU-2021-1.

Dates and observation info for the 2022 occurrence: 21 April – 23 June 2022, Ellensburg, Kittitas County. Walter Szeliga [w, p], Bill Byers [p], Michael Charest [p], Deb Essman [p], Jason Vassallo [p] (7-0-0).


COHU-2022-1, Costa’s Hummingbird – 19 April 2022, Tumwater, Thurston County (1-6-0).

CUSA-2022-1, Curlew Sandpiper – 5 September 2022, Discovery Park, Seattle, King County (0-7-0).

BTGU-2022-1, Black-tailed Gull – 18 September 2022, Walla Walla River Delta, Walla Walla County (0-6-1).

HERG-2021-1, “Vega” Herring Gull – 23 March 2021, Lewis River Road, Woodland, Cowlitz County (0-7-0).

BHVI-2022-1, Blue-headed Vireo – 18 May 2022, Steamboat Slough Rd., Julia Butler Hansen NWR, Wahkiakum County (0-6-1).

PSJU-2022-1, Pink-sided Dark-eyed Junco – 25-26 March 2022, Eastsound, Orcas Island, San Juan County (0-7-0).

SOSP-2021-1, Eastern Song Sparrow – 8 October 2021, Bingen Ponds, Bingen, Klickitat County (0-7-0).

COGR-2022-3, Common Grackle – 14 April 2022, Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, King County (0-7-0).

COGR-2022-4, Common Grackle – 8 May 2022, Osoyoos SP, Okanogan County (0-7-0).

CONW-2022-1, Connecticut Warbler – 23 August 2022, Eastern Unincorporated Woodinville, King County (0-7-0).

BBWA-2022-1, Bay-breasted Warbler – 23 April 2022, 7541 12th Ave NW, Seattle, King County (0-7-0). Two individuals.

GRWA-2022-1, Grace’s Warbler – 17 August 2022, Government Meadows, King County (0-7-0).

INBU-2022-1, Indigo Bunting – 7 May 2022, Steptoe Canyon, Whitman County (0-7-0).


Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. A picture of an immature Yellow-crowned Night-Heron on Facebook, reportedly from Seattle, was left as ‘unreviewable’ by the WBRC because there were doubts about the location of the photo and the observer was unresponsive to enquiries about the observation. YCNH-2022-1, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron – 24 August 2022, near Kinnear Park, Seattle, King County (unreviewable: 7-0-0).

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