Cindy Easterson: “Conversations with Secretive Birds and What We’ve Learned”

January 2, 2023 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Online only
Vicki King, WOS Program Coordinator

Secretive birds intrigue us, but their elusive nature makes them difficult to study, so there is remarkably little known about the biology of many wetland birds. Puget Sound Bird Observatory (PSBO) has been studying birds across our regional wetlands for the past six years to assess population trends of five under-detected, wetland species: American Bittern, Sora, Virginia Rail, Green Heron and Pied-billed Grebe.

Our presenter, Cindy Easterson, manages PSBO’s Regional Wetland Secretive Bird Monitoring project, in addition to providing oversight for a wide variety of other avian monitoring projects. She will explain how you can participate in this work.

She holds an integrated Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree with a focus on Wetland Science from the University of Washington and has served on the Board of PSBO since 2010.

The meeting will be conducted via Zoom. Please go to for instructions on participation and to get the Zoom link. Sign-in will begin at 7:15 pm.

This meeting is open to all as WOS invites everyone in the wider birding community to attend.

If you are not yet a member, I hope you will consider becoming one at

Please join us!

Vicki King
WOS Program Coordinator

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