Washington Birds Volume 13 (April 2021)

Volume 13 Cover photo of two crows

Reading Hints

When you click on the cover photo above, you will be taken to the .pdf for Volume 13 of WOS’s scholarly journal, Washington Birds, published in April 2021. You have several options for reading the journal:

  • You can scroll all the way through the journal from the cover to the end on page 183.
  • You can scroll to the Table of Contents, the first page after the cover, and click on the title of any article you wish to read and you will be taken directly to that article. A button at the end of every article will return you to the Table of Contents.
  • You can download the entire .pdf to your own computer by clicking on the download icon:
    download icon
  • Use page controls within the pdf reader or browser window to display the .pdf to any size you like.You can display the page so that it fills your entire desktop or laptop screen or you can display it so that it does not fill the screen horizontally but fills it vertically, displaying the entire length of a single page on the screen. Or you can adjust it to whatever size display you like by clicking on the plus and minus icons.The page controls vary according to your browser and operating system. But you should be able to find them somewhere. Explore the menus and icons along the top of your browser or window for these controls (described below).The control to fill the width of the screen often shows four arrows pointing outward to the corners.
    fit-to-width icon

    If the arrows are pointing inward (top icon), it will fit a single page into the window vertically, leaving space on both sides of the page. The control to enlarge the page is a plus sign, while the control to shrink the page is a minus sign.
    page control icons

    You can also often go to the View menu on the left side of the menu bar at the top your screen. Menus vary according to your browser and operating system, but here’s one:
    A View Menu

    If there is no menu bar at the top of your screen, look for other settings-type menus on your browser window, such as three-vertical-dot menus at the top right.

    Here are some of the page control options you might encounter in a menu or sub-menu:

    Zoom command allows you to select the zoom percentage (100% for actual size) or allows you to “zoom in” (enlarge the size of the page) or “zoom out” (shrink the page). You can click the zoom control multiple times or sometimes set it to a percentage of the original.

    Fit by Width widens the page to fill the screen horizontally. This usually means the bottom part of the page will be cut off and you will have to scroll to see it.

    Fit to Page, Fit Page or Fit One Full Page will show the entire length of the page. It fills the screen vertically but leaves space horizontally on both sides of the page.

    Actual Size is same as Fit to Page.

    Read Mode hides many of the window components, including the navigation pane, toolbar, and status bar, to maximize the document display area.
    Read Mode icon

    Full Screen Mode is sometimes the same as Read Mode and sometimes hides even more than Read Mode and shows only the document. Hit the esc (escape) key or F11 to return to a normal window.

    Rotate allows you to rotate the page 90 degrees. This is helpful if a chart or other graphic is displayed sideways. The symbol to look for is usually a circular arrow pointing in the direction of the rotation — clockwise or counter-clockwise:
    image of a rotate icon

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