WOSNews Issue 190

April 2021 – May 2021

Catch up on developments at WOS

By Jennifer Kauffman

WOS President Jennifer Kauffman updates us on changes and plans at WOS, discussing preparations for the 2021 annual conference in Astoria, resumption of field trips, the summer break in monthly meetings, and a way to apply to be a member of the WBRC….

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Enter the world of sound recording with Mark Oberle

By the Editor

A profile of sound recordist Mark Oberle. After years of traveling and recording in Puerto Rico and
Latin America, he recently completed an Android app for his West Indies recordings. Along the way he
helped to found WOS……
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Some seasoned birders talk gull identification

By Andy McCormick

Don’t feel bad if you have difficulty identifying gulls. Some experienced birders sometimes find it challenging too! Andy talks to several veteran birders for advice on sharpening your gull identification skills. Practice, practice, practice. Check out some online photo quizzes. Bird with friends and discuss the IDs together. Learn the features of the adults first……
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WOS monthly meeting presentations now online

By Elaine Chuang

Thanks to Elaine, WOS is now posting video of many of its monthly meeting presentations on WOS’s YouTube channel, so that people can view them at any time. Check the new channel out if you missed any of WOS’s monthly speakers in recent months……
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Washington Field Notes December 2018 to February 2019

By Ryan Merrill

The field notes highlight some rare winter reports. A Broad-winged Hawk that spent the last week of the year in Asotin County represented the first winter record for Washington. The state’s 8th Vermilion Flycatcher spent most of December in Snohomish County. Extremely rare in winter were CliffSwallows in both King and Whatcom counties during December. A House Wren in Whitman County in January appears to be the first winter record on the eastside……

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 Patrick Sullivan

Changes for the Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund

By Jennifer Kauffman

After 11 years, Tom Mansfield is stepping down as chair of the Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund. The Young Birder’s Fund was first conceived by Andy and Ellen Stepniewski. After Patrick Sullivan died in September 2007, the fund was renamed in his honor. Since 2005, the PSYBF has awarded 12 grants grants to young birders to support attendance at birding camps or other bird-related activities. WOS wants to increase the visibility of this program and encourage more young people from diverse backgrounds to apply…..

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WDFW seeks comment on Ferruginous Hawk status

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking public comment on its status review of the Ferruginous Hawk. The breeding population of Ferruginous Hawks in Washington is in sustained decline, according to the WDFW. The deadline for comment is April 12. The department’s recommendation is to reclassify the Ferruginous Hawk from threatened to endangered status in Washington…..

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