WOSNews Issue 186

August – September 2020


From the Board: Being a Better Birding Ambassador

By Ed Pullen

During an interview with Mike Denny in Walla Walla for Ed’s Bird Banter podcast, Ed discovers another way WOS can educate and inspire the larger community: share the joy……

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Introducing Our Virtual Keynote Speaker

By Eric Dudley

In lieu of the actual Annual Conference in Astoria, which had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, the WOS/OBA Conference Planning Group has come up with a virtual keynote speaker for the evening of Saturday, September 12, 2020. He is J. Drew Lanham, Clemson University Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Biology. Further information about how to join the Zoom session to hear the talk will be coming to your inboxes soon….
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A Commentary on Inclusivity

By Cinny Burrell

In a commentary, Cinny reflects on her recent awakening to the barriers that people of color can face when they go outdoors to bird,hike, and enjoy nature. She goes on to discuss “What ways can the Washington Ornithological Society become a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming birding community?”…..
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The Molt Strategy of the Indigo Bunting

By Andy McCormick

The Indigo Bunting that was observed in June and July 2020 by many birders at Marymoor Park in Redmond presented an opportunity to observe a bird in its first cycle of feather molt. It stood out because it was not completely blue as spring and summer male Indigo Buntings are portrayed in many field guides. Andy discusses the basics of bird molt, molt terminology, and molting variations among species…..
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Book Review: What It’s Like to Be a Bird by David Allen Sibley

By Ron Post

Sibley provides a powerful combination of art and text in his most recent book. Ron suggests skipping the lengthy introduction, enjoying the art first, then the text, and then a YouTube video in which Sibley discusses his life and process…..

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How’s that “Hope” Thing Going During the Pandemic? Birds Can Help

By Tom Bancroft

The pandemic lockdown had meant isolation, no face-to-face with friends, no plans to see family, canceled dreams for the coming months. But Tom found hope in an encounter with a male Red-winged Blackbird…..

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WOS Election Is Coming Up

By the WOS Board

The WOS board has put forward four officer candidates, three board candidates, and a proposed bylaws change concerning the Washington Bird Records Committee. Jennifer Kauffman, currently WOS vice president, has been nominated to move to president. Voting will take place on the WOS website during the voting period September 1 – September 20. Members will have the option to write in candidates for each position…..

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