WOSNews Issue 200

Winter 2022 – 2023

Documenting Tricolored Blackbirds in Washington State

By Andy McCormick and Jason Fidorra

Ninety percent of the Tricolored Blackbird population is in in California, where it has experienced significant declines. In Washington, the species was unknown until 1998. Research thus far suggests that the species remains limited in Washington. In May and June 2022, Jason Fidorra and Andy McCormick collected population estimates at six known breeding locations and one location of possible breeding. However, no systematic survey of habitat or population, nor systematic research has been conducted within Washington to date. Jason and Andy propose a volunteer-based, coordinated survey beginning in May 2023.  Read more >>>


From the Board: Meet the President  

By Dave Kreft

A funny thing happened on the way to the vice presidency. Dave Kreft reports on the unusual September WOS election, in which members elected him WOS vice president, while the president position stood vacant. At its first board meeting after the election, the WOS board appointed Dave to fill the president position and is now looking for a candidate to serve as vice president. In other governing news, the board, noting the graying of the WOS membership, has decided to prioritize recruiting new and younger members.  Read more >>>


Ed Swan Remembered

Ed Swan died unexpectedly October 28 at age 59 of a heart attack while doing what he loved most: birding at one of his favorite places. Ed was a WOS board member for four years and also served as editor of the WOS Journal for Issues 12 and 13. He lived on Vashon Island for many years and was a major figure in the birding community there. “Instead of waiting to be asked, he showed up at every opportunity to support Vashon Audubon and was always willing to share his vast knowledge about birds,” writes Sue Trevathan. Ed, a Master Birder, was the author of the key book about the island’s birds and birding sites: The Birds of Vashon Island: A Natural History of Habitat and Population Transformation. Ed was also a loving husband, devoted father, respected brother and beloved son.  Read more >>>

Update on Avian Influenza in Our State

By Chris Rurik
Editor, WOS News

The current variant of the Asian Influenza (H5N1) that has spread throughout the United States, including Washington State, is highly pathogenic and also highly transmissible. Scientists at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) are concerned about the many deaths of both backyard poultry flocks and wild birds. The disease affects mostly waterfowl and raptors, but songbirds can be carriers even if they are not sick. If you find a sick or dead bird, use latex gloves to handle it, be careful not to spread the disease, and report the bird to the WDFW at their website. Read more >>>


WOS Monthly Programs Available Free Online

Thanks to the efforts of WOS member Elaine Chuang, video recordings of WOS’s monthly meetings are uploaded to WOS’s YouTube Channel shortly after each meeting. This allows anybody who goes to the webpage to re-watch a presentation they’ve already seen or to see one that they may have missed. The site currently offers videos of 23 WOS meeting presentations.   Read more>>>

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