WOSNews Issue 189

February 2021 – March 2021

Figuring out a non-traditional Kingfisher family

By Jen Vanderhoof

Follow the mystery uncovered by Wildlife Ecologist Jen Vanderhoof as she tries to figure out an unusual family of Kingfishers on Vashon Island while construction crews waited in the background…

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New board member introduces himself and outlines board goals

By Jason Fidorra

New WOS Board Member Jason Fidorra, based in Pasco, is an active backpacker, mountaineer, and full-time biologist who grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to Washington six years ago. Jason says the WOS board would like to increase membership and relevance for birders statewide. The board also wants to make WOS more diverse, equitable and welcoming. Expanding WOS’s social media presence might be one way to increase WOS’s profile among non-members…..
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Northern Shovelers bear watching at the Fill

By Tom Bancroft

Join Tom as he observes Northern Shovelers at Union Bay Natural Area. Find out what the shovelers and Humpback Whales have in common. Also learn why the shovelers spin in the water. Discover the marvel of their feathers and of their mouths…..
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‘I gotta find that bird’

By Milt Vine

One night Milt leaves his Bellevue home to walk the dog and immediately hears the distinctive bouncing ball call of the Western Screech Owl. Follow his diary as he stalks this bird…..
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Washington Field Notes August – November 2018

By Ryan Merrill

Trumpeter Swans have increased dramatically across the state in the past decade. Counts from Ridgefield NWR this period reached 100, while 10 years earlier 10 was considered a good count for the area. Unusual waterfowl included a rare Blue-winged Teal x Northern Shoveler in Snohomish in early November 2018. Rare westside Common Poorwills were in Clark and Snohomish in mid-October 2018…..

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What will be the next birds added to the state’s checklist?

By Matt Bartels

Twenty-eight birders entered the contest to correctly guess the five next birds added to the state’s official checklist. Among them, 55 species were mentioned at least once. But the species most frequently predicted was Virginia’s Warbler. Learn why and find out other species expected to be the next to make an appearance in our state….

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WOS financial statement for year ending Dec 31, 2020

By Grace Oliver

As Jason Fidorra explained in his column this issue, WOS had less outgo in 2020 because COVID-19 required the cancellation of so many activities. The WOS financial statement shows that the organization’s finances are in strong shape….

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