Registration will begin at 8:00 am PDT on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

To register, click on this link: Register for the Annual Conference

Important Dates:

*Sunday, March 10, 2019 8:00 a.m. PDT — Registration opens

*Thursday, April 18, 2019 11:59 p.m. — Regular registration ends, last day for full refund in case of cancellation

*Friday, April 19, 2019 — Late registration begins, $20 fee for cancellation begins

*Friday, May 1, 2019, 11:59 p.m. — Online registration ends, last day for refund for cancellation

*Thursday, May 9 through Monday, May 13 — Annual conference in Moses Lake (limited onsite registration available)

Registration fee
Late Registration Fee
Student fee
Banquet Dinner fee
Each Field Trip fee
Nathan Pieplow Workshop Fee
Individual Membership fee
Family Membership fee
Student Membership fee

Historically, most of the conference attendees register on the first day of registration.
The link to the registration site can be found at the top of this page.

April 18, 2019 Update

Attendees can still add banquet meals, T-shirts and donations online until May 1st. No confirmation number is needed. Just choose “Returning Attendee to make changes to existing 2019 registrations only” as the registration type, so you don’t get charged the conference fee again. You will have to enter your contact and billing information again to complete the transaction.

Please contact Tracy Mitchell at if you need to cancel or change field trips.

Your registration contact

Your registration contact is Tracy Mitchell. Please contact Tracy via email if you run into issues with registering or you have questions. You may contact Tracy at or at For more urgent issues, you can call her cell phone at 206-356-9180. She will do her best to reply as quickly as possible.

You can register for up to four people, but…

As in past years, you may register for up to four people. However, this will slow down your registration process and trips may fill before you submit your (and your friends) registration. If you are registering for other people, you will be required to provide their names and emails at the end of registration. If you are not able to finish registration because trips have become full during the registration process, you will need to start your registration from the very beginning. We recommend you have your top three trip choices in mind so you can be prepared when trips become full.

You must receive a confirming email

You will receive an email to confirm your registration. If you do not receive a confirming email, you have NOT successfully registered. Please don’t hesitate to call/text/email me with any question or concern. For help or questions, email us at

Finding information to make the right choices

For detailed information on field trips, speakers, schedule, special presentations, and departure times visit the Current Year Annual Conference page and select the page that you wish to view from the list. We recommend reviewing the descriptions on the website to find the most current information on the activities, as some may be subject to change. Be sure to note the distances for hiking required for each trip! Please choose the right trips for your fitness level.

Have backup options

Become familiar with the field trip options and have back-up options for each day in case a trip fills up before you finalize your conference registration—some activities can fill quickly. Make a list of which trips you would like to take each day so that you have a reference during registration when it goes “live.” If you were unable to get onto a trip you really wanted, you may contact the registrar for a potential wait-list.

Other thoughts

Don’t forget to sign up for the Banquet Dinner on Saturday evening! The Friday reception and all presentations except the Pieplow workshop will be included with your registration. We will update the conference schedule with the latest information about speakers, presentations, and times as it becomes available.

You must be a member of WOS to attend the conference

You must be a member of WOS to attend the conference and WOS field trips. We make it easy renew or become a member of WOS as part of the registration process. If any of your information has changed you may contact Ruth Godding at

We’d love donations

During registration, there are options for making a donation to WOS or the Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund. We appreciate your support.

Field trip cancellations

Field Trips with unassigned leaders may be canceled. If you’re interested in a Field Trip with an unassigned leader, and are interested in leading a trip or recommending a leader, please contact Bob Flores at,

We need your current email address

We will email conference updates using our WOS Constant Contact email. Please make sure we have your current email address, and contact Ruth Godding at with any membership information updates.

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