Spring 2015 – Interim Meeting


The WBRC normally meets annually in October, but often also circulates an ‘interim’ packet half-way between meetings. This allows the committee to process a number of reports where it is relatively easy to reach consensus without discussion. Because the committee does not meet in person to discuss these reports, a greater level of voting consensus is required to ‘accept’ or ‘not accept’ a report. Many reports will be carried over until the October meeting for final deliberations.

30 received 7 yes votes, and are thus passed w/o need for further discussion.
8 received 4 or more ‘no’ votes, and are thus not accepted.
1 additional report was not accepted despite the identification being confirmed, because the origin was in question
15 reports were deferred for more consideration at the Fall meeting.

3 new species are added to the state list:
Spotted Redshank
Broad-billed Hummingbird
Lucy’s Warbler

This brings the official Washington State Checklist to 510 species.


Votes in parentheses (# accepted, # not accepted, # abstain)
[Notations: p=photo, v = video, a = audio, s = sketch]


BRBO-2014-2, Brown Booby – 143nm w of Pt. Brown, Grays Harbor County, 17 August 2014 Michael Force [w,p] (7-0-0).

SNEG-2014-1, Snowy Egret – Ridgefield NWR, Clark County, 10/13 – 12/3/2014, Randy Hill [w,p], Doug Schurman [w,p] (7-0-0).

LBHE-2014-1, Little Blue Heron – Fir Island, Skagit County, 14 September 2014, Doug Schurman [w, p], Michael Hobbs [w,p], Jeff Mills [w, p] (7-0-0).

LBHE-2014-2, Little Blue Heron – Spokane, Spokane County, 17 November 2014, Wendy Klaue [w], Carrie Lowe [w,p] (7-0-0).

CAEG-2014-1, Cattle Egret – Neah Bay, Clallam County, 10/30 – 11/11/ 14, Doug Schurman [p], Randy Hill [w, p], Michael Charest [p], Len & Dian Jellicoe [p] (7-0-0).

CAEG-2014-2, Cattle Egret – Bay Center, Pacific County, 8 November 2014, Tom Mansfield [p], MaryFrances Mathis [w] (7-0-0).

CAEG-2014-3, Cattle Egret – Satsop, Grays Harbor County, 11/9-11/14, Carol Riddell [p], Matt Bartels [w] (7-0-0).

MOPL-2014-1, Mountain Plover – Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County, 11/8-15/14, Michael Charest [p] (7-0-0).

SPRE-2014-1, Spotted Redshank – Hayton Preserve, Fir Island, Skagit County, 11/27 – 12/1/2014, Ginger Rebstock [w], Jeff Bryant [w] (7-0-0). WA State First Record.

TBMU-2015-1, Thick-billed Murre – Ediz Hook, Port Angeles, Clallam County, 1/3-20/2015, Bob Boekelheide[w], Ryan Merrill [w,p] (7-0-0).

BHGU-2014-2, Black-headed Gull – South Bend, Pacific County, 10/28 – 11/5/2014, Bob Flores [w, p], Jim Danzenbaker [w,p] (7-0-0).

LIGU-2014-1, Little Gull – Jensen Access, Skagit County, 24 October 2014, Evan Houston [w, p], Ryan Merrill [w, p] (7-0-0).

HERG-2014-1, “Vega” Herring Gull – Waatch River Mouth, Clallam County, 26 October 2014, Steve Mlodinow [w,p], Ryan Merrill [p] (7-0-0).

BBLH-2014-1, Broad-billed Hummingbird – Carson, Skamania County, 10/25-26/14, Matt Schroeder [p, w], Matt Bartels [w] (7-0-0). WA State First Record.

EHOB-2014-1, Eurasian Hobby – Waatch River Valley, Clallam County, 10/26/14 – 11/1/14, Steve Mlodinow [w,p], Doug Schurman [p], Scott Ramos [p], Fanter Lane [p], Chris Rurik [p], Ryan Merrill [p], Charlie Wright [p] (7-0-0).

BGGN-2014-1, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher – Neah Bay, Clallam County, 11/7-10/14, Brad Waggoner [w, p], Michael Charest [p], Alan Richards [w] (7-0-0). (Subspecies ID decision deferred to Fall meeting)

NOWH-2014-1, Northern Wheatear – Pt. Robinson, Vashon Island, King County, 10/18-21/14, Doug Schurman [p], Chris Rurik [p], Martha Taylor [w,p], Grace & Ollie Oliver [p], Evan Houston [p], Ed Swan [p], George Pagos [p], Gregg Thompson [p], Tom Mansfield [p] (7-0-0).

OVEN-2014-4, Ovenbird – Anacortes, Skagit County, 11 September 2014, Ryan Schain [w] (7-0-0).

BAWW-2011-4, Black-and-White Warbler – Seattle, King County, 9 May 2011, Nathan Keen [w] (7-0-0).

BAWW-2014-4, Black-and-White Warbler – Washtucna, Adams County, 9/11-13/14, Keith Brady [w], Randy Hill [w,p], Matt Bartels[w], Tom Mansfield [p], (7-0-0).

BAWW-2014-5, Black-and-White Warbler – Spokane, Riverside Park, Spokane County, 31 December 2014, Patrick McKann [w] (7-0-0). (later resightings not reviewed yet)

LUWA-2014-1, Lucy’s Warbler – Neah Bay, Clallam County, 11/6-7/14, Brad Waggoner [w] (7-0-0). WA State First Record.

CSWA-2014-1, Chestnut-sided Warbler – Konnowac Pass, Yakima County, 9/15-17/2014, Ellen & Andy Stepniewski [p], Debie Brown[w], Karen Zook [p], Tom Mansfield [p], Keith Brady [w] (7-0-0).

OROR-2014-1, Orchard Oriole – Neah Bay, Clallam County, 26 Oct 2014 – at least 15 Feb 2015, Steve Mlodinow [w,p], Doug Schurman [p], Scott Ramos [p], Fanter Lane [p], Ryan Merrill [w, p], Alan Richards [w] (7-0-0).

HOOR-2014-1, Hooded Oriole – Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, 11/8-10/14, Arnie Martin [p], Tom Mansfield [p], Lynn & John Ogren [p,w] (7-0-0).

BRAM-2014-1, Brambling – Neah Bay, Clallam County, 10/30 – 11/7/14, Tom Mansfield [p], Doug Schurman [p], Scott Ramos [p], Fanter Lane [p], Randy Hill [p, w], George Pagos [p], Len & Dian Jellicoe [p] (7-0-0).

BRAM-2014-2, Brambling – Port Hadlock, Jefferson County, 11/5-9/14, Paula Vanderheul [w], David Gluckman [p], Randy Hill [p, w] (7-0-0).

BRAM-2015-1, Brambling – Issaquah, King County, 4 February 2015 to present, Frances & Dan Pope [w, p], Grace & Ollie Oliver [p], Evan Houston [p], Tom Mansfield [p], Michael Hobbs [w], Matt Bartels [w], Brian Bell [p] (7-0-0).

PUFI-2012-1, “Eastern” Purple Finch – Bradley Lake, Pierce County, 20 November 2012, Charlie Wright [w, a] (7-0-0).

PUFI-2014-1, “Eastern” Purple Finch – Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County, 15 December 2014, Brad Waggoner [w,p] (7-0-0).


ARLO-2014-3, Arctic Loon – Reach Island, Mason County, 27 December 2014 (0-7-0).

ARLO-2015-1, Arctic Loon – Larrabee SP, Whatcom County, 1/9-23/2015 (0-7-0).

ARLO-2015-2, Arctic Loon – Luhr Beach, Thurston County, 1/15-16/2015, (0-7-0).

ARLO-2015-3, Arctic Loon – Tramp Harbor, Vashon Island, Kng County, 17 January 2015, (0-7-0).

LEBI-2014-1, Least Bittern – Centralia Steam Plant, Lewis County, 5 September 2014 (0-6-1).

SEWR-2014-1, Sedge Wren – Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County, 19 November 2014 (0-7-0).

CARW-2014-1, Carolina Wren – Seattle, King County, 15 March 2014 (0-7-0).

CONW-2009-1, Connecticut Warbler – Sammamish, King County, 13 September 2009 (1-5-1).