Membership Chair Opening

Membership Chair Duties Include:

Responsibilities include:


1.        Arrange for appropriate speakers for the WOS member meetings which take place on the first Monday of the month, October through June, at the Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle.  Other WOS members may help with the identification of speakers.  Communication with potential speakers includes:

·         Determining the subject to be discussed, their availability and willingness to provide programming, and honorarium

·         Finalizing presentation date, presentation title, their bios, and other details

2.        Communicate information to the WOS Board and website administrator.

3.        Compose an announcement.  This announcement needs to be communicated to the membership via list-serves (Tweeters, Inland-NW-Birders) and WOS social media.  These public announcements should occur at least ten days ahead of the meeting date, and should include the following:

·         Presenter’s name and presentation topic

·         Brief biography of the speaker

·         Brief summary of the subject

·         Meeting location and date

4.       Post a reminder/follow-up public announcement 48 hours before the meeting.

5.        If attending the meeting*:

·         coordinate with the individual responsible for setting up GoToMeeting for remote meeting attendees. NOTE: You are not responsible for setting up the technical aspects of the meeting nor are you responsible for supplying any of the hardware necessary to conduct the meeting.

·         introduce the speaker

·         remind those in attendance of upcoming program speakers

6.  Maintain a database of speakers including dates presented, names, and topics presented.

If you’ve ever attended one of the member meetings and thought, “wow, I would love to have xxxx speak from xxxx organization”, this is your opportunity to bring that person in to present to the WOS community.  This is also a great way to introduce yourself to some of the movers and shakers in the Washington birding, conservation, eco-tourism, photographic, and scientific communities who regularly speak at different venues.

If you are not able to assume this role, but have ideas for some interesting speakers, you can still send your suggestions to

* A note for all WOS members outside of the greater Seattle region:

You do not need to attend these monthly member meetings in person to be able to take charge of this role. The position does require that you (with the help of others) locate and schedule the speakers, communicate with them and to the WOS Board, write or procure the speaker’s introduction, and provide that information to the WOS Board member assigned to lead the meeting.