PSYBF 2016 Awardee: Louis Kreemer

Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund 2016 Awardee: Louis Kreemer
By Jon Isacoff

WOS was thrilled to present the 2016 Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund scholarship to Louis Kreemer at the 2016 WOS Conference in Walla Walla. Louis will use his scholarship for tuition to the Seattle Audubon Master Birder Program at the University of Washington taught by long-time and beloved WOS member, Dennis Paulson. Louis is the youngest birder ever admitted in the history of the Master Birders Program!

Louis is 14 and hails from Seattle, where he is today a very active birder. But going back to the beginning: Kreemer family legend tells that on a family trip to Hawaii, young Louis, then just 18 months old, refused all the toys at the local gift shop having eyes only for a book: “Birds of Hawaii.” A few years later the Kreemer family on vacation again this time to Disney Land had another clue of the future. When asked about his favorite part of the Disney experience, Louis replied: “The ducks and geese in the hotel pond!”

Today Louis is a rising star in the Seattle birding community. He’s already put several Christmas Bird Counts under his belt and has led field trips for Seattle Audubon Society with more coming in the works. When a drivers license enters the conversation, watch out, you may find Louis birding anywhere in Washington! Louis is one of those well-rounded people we need more of: when not birding (and often when birding as well) he spends abundant time with his family and also keeps a busy soccer schedule – indeed he had to rush out of Walla Walla on Sunday to get back for a soccer tournament in Seattle! Louis hopes to hone and expand his skills through the Master Birder Program. The WOS community is thrilled to be part of this exciting development in Louis’s birding career.

Louis’s scholarship is made possible by the generosity of Andy and Ellen Stepniewski, who established the Young Birders Fund in 2005 to encourage and support young people interested in birding. After Patrick Sullivan’s tragic death in September 2007, the name of the fund was changed to the Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund to honor his contributions to birding in Washington. Contributions to the Fund are generated through Andy and Ellen Stepniewski’s donation of Andy’s portion of the profits from sales of A Birder’s Guide to Washington, which Andy co-authored, and donations from WOS, WOS members, and the general public. For more information or to make a contribution, please visit: