WOSNews Issue 184

February 2020 – March 2020


WOS 2019 Highlights

By Jennifer Kauffman

WOS vice president Jennifer Kauffman reviews WOS’s 2019 highlights, including monthly meetings, field trips, publications and the work of the Washington Bird Records Committee….

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Ken Knittle, Mr. County Birding

By Mike Denny

Mike Denny fondly remembers birding with rare bird Ken Knittle, whose passing has been mourned by many in Washington’s birding community. Ken was devoted to county birding above all and also loved tea, rare plants and all things dairy….
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Snatching Victory Out of the Jaws of Defeat

By Jon Houghton

In a Best of Tweeters post, Jon Houghton tells an exciting tale of chasing down shorebird lifers such as rock pipers in the worst kind of weather for some East coast visitors….
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Field Notes: Some Unusual Waterfowl Hybrids

By Ryan Merrill

Ryan is back with Field Notes for March-May 2018. He noted some unusual waterfowl hybrids, such as a Cinnamon Teal x Northern Shoveler. Brown Booby is now annual. A Philadelphia Vireo in Franklin County and a Bay-breasted Warbler in Grant County were only the state’s fourth records for those species….
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A New Citizen Science Project Will Test Climate Change Predictions

By Ron Post

Seattle Audubon is launching a new citizen science project that will have volunteers monitoring two species, Spotted Towhee and Red-breasted Nuthatch, in twice-annual surveys to check on climate change predictions….

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