WOSNews Issue 173


From the Board

By Kevin Black

The WOS Board has been busy preparing an exciting lineup for the upcoming 2018 conference in Hood River!…

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Purple Martin Conservation

By Cindy McCormack

Early martins have already begun to arrive and continued conservation efforts for this species will be ramping up soon…
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WA Field Notes: March-May 2017

By Ryan Merrill

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A Breathtaking Baritone

By Thomas Bancroft

The trees are just beginning to show a little shape as I inch my way along the dike at Stillwater Wildlife Area. It is 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning…
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More Trumpeter Swans Die

By Ron Post

The combination of southerly swan migrations and low water levels in Lake Tapps reservoir led to the demise of at least six Trumpeter Swans over the winter and early spring…
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A Naturalist’s Stop by Rosario Head

by Thomas Bancroft

The rain pattered through the canopy of Douglas firs. The overcast sky added to the cold feeling of this February morning…
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Birding with a Buzz in Clark County

by Randy Hill

So, with a title like this you might be expecting a treatise on birding and brew pubs, winery tours…
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April Speaker: Frances Wood

by WOS Board

At the monthly meeting of WOS in April, a talented local artist and birder will talk about one of her favorite birds: Pigeon Guillemots…
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