WOSNews Issue 179

April-May 2019


White-crowned Sparrow Hybridization in the Cascades

By Will Brooks

Will Brooks, the 2018 recipient of the Patrick Sullivan Young Birder award, discusses his study of hybridization of two White-crowned Sparrow subspecies, the coastal and the interior, in the Cascade Mountains…..

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Confessions of a County Lister

By Matt Bartels

On December 29, 2018, Matt Bartels achieved his long-sought goal of seeing 200 species in all 39 counties in Washington. One of the best things about county listing, Matt says, is that you are forced to explore counties beyond the expected birds and the best-known stops. It’s not enough to be just a chaser. Matt discusses what he learned from his county listing journey….
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From the Board

By Kevin Black

The many-splendored appeal of the upcoming Annual Conference in Moses Lake….
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Meet the 2019 Patrick Sullivan Young Birders

By Tom Mansfield

Two new PSYBF Award Winners will be honored at the Moses Lake annual conference. Sierra Downes, 13, daughter of Yakima-based WOS veteran and biologist Scott Downes, has racked up a life list of 600 species on the ABA North America list. Hayley Rettig, 20, of Tacoma, is relatively new to birding but is proposing a Methow Valley study involving birds. She is a biology major at University of Puget Sound…..
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The Grace of Trumpeter Swans

By Tom Bancroft

Populations of Trumpeter Swans were decimated in the 1800s and early 1900s. In 1968, Tom Bancroft and his sister searched Yellowstone Park for Trumpeter Swans and found only two. But, thanks to stopping the hunt and protecting habitat, a 2005 continent-wide survey estimated the population had grown to more than 34,000 individuals. In winter, lead poisoning and collisions with power lines are now the major mortality issue….
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About the Conference Artist

By Lisa Hill

Artist Lisa Hill designed and painted the watercolor of the four blackbirds that will be featured on WOS’s 2019 t-shirts available at the Moses Lake Annual Conference. She describes her background as a horticulturist, Master Gardener, and avid birder. Oh, and she’s a musician too!…..
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Washington Field Notes: October – November 2017

By Ryan Merrill

A report on unusual sightings for the period, which included a Redhead x Ring-necked Duck in Pierce County, likely the first of this cross to be reported in Washington. Eurasian Skylarks, Brown Boobies, the state’s first Zone-tailed Hawk and other exciting sightings are mentioned….
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