WOSNews Issue 168


From the Board

By Jim Danzenbaker

Hi all! It’s difficult to believe that we have, once again, reached the time to elect a new slate of Officers and Board members….

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The WOS Board Could Use You

By Jim Dazenbaker and Cindy McCormack

Are you potentially interested in joining the WOS Board of Directors? …
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Beach Bench Dedication

By Jim Dazenbaker

There will be a dedication of the Patrick and Ruth Sullivan Memorial Bench at Bottle Beach State Park, Grays Harbor County…

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About the Conference

By Eric Dudley

Conference registration is open. It closes at 11:59 p.m. on August 22, 2017 Follow this link to the registration website…
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The Surveyors (Series)

By Kathy Hartman

According to Larry Hubbell, birds and wildlife are far more interesting than he is. But for an uninteresting guy, he’s got a lot going on…

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Revisions to the State Checklist

by Matt Bartels

Quick: What’s the final bird on the Washington state list?…

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Fall Fiedl Trips

by Jen Kunitsugu

WOS field trips are each open to a limited number of participants. WOS members may join up to four trips a year…
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Playback Ethics

by David Sibley

Birders are generally conservation-minded people. They truly care about the animals they are interested in seeing and hearing…
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