WOSNews Issue 163


From the Board

By Jim Danzenbaker

Two years ago, I became a WOS board member, a fairly daunting task given the high caliber of the existing board. There‚Äôs nothing like a baptism by fire in trying to learn about all the issues that the WOS board faces on an annual basis and trying to add value to the process…

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Welcome WOS Board!

By WOS Board

Welcome WOS Board!…

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By Penny Rose

It has been my ultimate pleasure to serve on the board of the Washington Ornithological Society for five years. During this time period many changes and accomplishments have been forged by the organization. These have come about through the hard work, dedication and skill of individuals who have volunteered their time and talent to ensure WOS continues to thrive and grow…

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A Message For Women Birders (And Those Who Love Them)

By Rachel Lawson

One of the wonderful things about birding is that it often takes us away from our everyday lives in towns and cities, and into wild and beautiful places in search of the birds we love. As I am sure all of you have noticed, however, wild and beautiful places often lack toilet facilities…

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The Scrub-Jay World Just Became More Complicated, and Interesting.

By Bill Tweit

This article on the recent scrub-jay is reposted from eBird Northwest. If you have not made use of this web resource yet, we encourage you to take a look at it. eBird Northwest is a regional portal of eBird, maintained by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Klamath Bird Observatory, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife…

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October-December 2016 Field Trips

by Jen Kunitsugu

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Washington Field Notes October-November 2015

by Ryan Merrill

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