WOSNews Issue 178

February-March 2019


From the Board: Welcome to the 2019 Annual Conference

By Eric Dudley

The first WOS Conference was held in Moses Lake in 1989, and we’ll be visiting there again May 9-13. Our host will be the Best Western Plus Lakefront Hotel, which is where field trips will originate and where we will have our events and programs. Here’s an overview of the conference …..

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Events and Programs

By Eric Dudley

Another popular round of “Stump the Experts” with Dennis Paulson, a workshop and keynote address by bird sounds expert Nathan Pieplow, a workshop demystifying the WBRC and lots more will be on the agenda in Moses Lake. Here’s the schedule….
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By Faye McAdams Hands

Here are the details of our conference hotel, the Best Western Plus Lake Front Hotel as well as a list of other motels, RV parks, and camping options in the Moses Lake area….
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A Fabulous Lineup of Field Trips

By Bob Flores

A great selection of half-day and full-day trips to such places as the Potholes, the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, Sprague Lake, Highway 21 and Wilson Creek — the list goes on!….
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Get Ready for Registration

By Tracy Mitchell

Registration opens Sunday March 10, 8 a.m. PDT. (Daylight savings begins that day!) Here’s some information and advice to help you prepare for registration….
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The Mysterious Lives of Seabirds

Book Review by Wayne H. Bell

Michael Brooke’s thoroughly researched book, “Far from Land: The Mysterious Lives of Seabirds,” documents seabirds’ great range of behavioral diversity. The book delivers in some ways if you have a passion for detail and the patience to sort through it. The introduction includes an important survey of the often demanding and remarkably ingenious methods for studying seabird ecology……
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The Aspen Grove Turns Up an Unlikely Bird

By Tom Bancroft

A “chebec, chebec, chebec” drifted from deep within an aspen grove in an unlikely place: the Conboy National Wildlife Refuge in Klickitat County. That’s the song of a Least Flycatcher, which was hundreds of miles outside its range. But Tom Bancroft was well familiar with it from earlier years….
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