WOSNews Issue 169


From the Board

By Cindy McCormack

I hope that those of you able to attend the 2017 conference enjoyed the trips, presentations, and camaraderie at Semiahmoo!…

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Notes From the Conference

By Thomas Bancroft

Friday opened cool and with a continuous cloud cover. Mt Baker hid in the white-gray as nine parties headed out…
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Tales of a Chase

By Ryan Merrill

Late August is the beginning of my favorite birding season in Washington. It is the time of year when nearly all our birds are on the move and the potential for finding a surprising migrant is high…

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Young Birders Awards

By Tom Mansfield

The Patrick Sullivan Young Birders Fund (“PSYBF”) honored two recipients with $1,500 grants during the Washington Ornithological Society (“WOS”) annual conference September 21-25, 2017, at the Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine…
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Incoming Board Members(Series)

By Ron Post

When Cindy McCormack accepted the job of WOS President – “I’ve been told I can’t say no” – she was tasked almost immediately with bringing to bear her calm demeanor and well-developed administrative skills…

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A Field Trip to the San Juans

by Matt Bartels

On September 9 and 10 a WOS trip headed to Lopez and San Juan Islands in San Juan County…

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Fall Field Trips

by Jen Kunitsugu

WOS field trips are each open to a limited number of participants. WOS members may join up to four trips a year…
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Book Review

by Brad Waggoner

The new photographic guide by Tom Aversa, Richard Cannings, and Hal Opperman is excellent!…
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Bottle Beach Bench Update

by Jim Danzenbaker

On August 6, 21 of us gathered at Bottle Beach State Park…
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A City For Cooper’s Hawks

by Kelly Brenner

To visit the Queen of Seattle one must first step over empty beer bottles and condom wrappers before skidding down a dirt slope and traipsing over a massive tangle of bindweed…
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Bird-Dinosaur Connections

by Ron Post

Exactly 150 years ago Edward Cope and Othniel Marsh, two fossil hunters with money and a taste for rivalry…
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WA Field Notes

by Ryan Merrill

August-September 2016…
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