Current Year: 2019

 View List of Moses Lake Conference Sightings!

The 2019 conference has happened and this is the complete list of species seen during the 2019 Moses Lake Conference. Note: Birds highlighted in yellow at the bottom are unexpected sightings for the time or place.

 See Pictures from the 2019 Conference in Moses Lake!

Take a look at Elaine Chuang’s collages and some of Thomas Bancroft’s pictures taken during the 2019 WOS Annual Conference.

The 2019 WOS Annual Conference this year will be going “back to the future!” The first WOS Conference was held in Moses Lake in 1989, and we’ll be visiting there again May 9-13, 2019.

Our host will be the Best Western Plus Lakefront Hotel, which is where field trips will originate and where we will have our events and programs.

Both the WOS newsletter and WOS website will provide complete conference information. Look for WOSNews #178, the February/March issue, and WOSNews #179, the April/May issue. Also visit this website, which will be continuously updated as information becomes available.

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