The Washington Ornithological Society was chartered in 1988 to increase knowledge of the birds of Washington and to enhance communication among all persons interested in those birds.

 Results of the Washington Bird Records Committee’s Fall Meeting
The WBRC’s main annual meeting normally occurs in October. Here are the decisions the committee made October 19, 2019 to accept, not accept or table sightings of review species reported in the state.
 The October/November Newsletter Is Out!
Cooper’s Hawks are re-colonizing Seattle and flourishing. Their numbers are sharply rising, meaning increased competition and evolutionary pressure. Ron Post reports on the status of the state’s 15 owl species. WOS President Eric Dudley thanks volunteers, announces upcoming long-sleeved t-shirts on the blackbird theme, and announces more details about the 2020 Annual Conference in Astoria in cooperation with Oregon Birding Association. Ryan Merrill reports on notable sightings in the state in his regular Washington Field Notes column. Thomas Bancroft reports on his birdwatching trip to the mountains of Western Panama. Read about all these topics in the latest WOS newsletter.

WOSNews Issue 182 The newsletter is available at: WOSNews 182

 New Officers and Board Members Begin Terms
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The election period closed September 21, 2019. Read more about our 2019 elected officers and board members here.

 See List of 2019 Moses Lake Conference Sightings and Pictures!

The 2019 WOS Annual Conference in Moses Lake took place in May and here is the complete list of species seen. Note: Birds highlighted in yellow at the bottom are unexpected sightings for the time or place.

Also, take a look at Elaine Chuang’s collages and some of Thomas Bancroft’s pictures from the 2019 conference.

 Washington Birds journal now available in hard copy

A new volume of WOS’s Washington Birds scholarly journal, published in November 2018, is now available in hardcopy form for $23 if bought at WOS meetings or at the conference, $30 if mailed to you. The journal is also available free for reading or downloading in .pdf form on this website: Washington Birds Volume 12

 Attend WOS monthly meetings from afar!

WOS members who live outside the Seattle area can still attend WOS’s fabulous monthly meeting programs, using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone! Go to WOS’s Monthly Meetings page for more information. It’s easy!

  Monthly Meeting
  • December 2, 2019 7:00 pmDennis Paulson: "Birds 'Down Under' fly just like ours"
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  Field Trips
  • November 22, 2019 6:45 amSamish Flats with Leader Brian H. Bell
  • December 7, 2019 8:30 amClallam County CBC Warmup with Leader Bob Boekelheide
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Other Events
  • No upcoming events
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